Account locked after credit card verification

April 27, 2015 4.8k views
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Hello, my account has been locked for no apparent reason. I registered it via a friends link for a $10 credit grant. I added my MasterCard and it just locked, it states to wait but I've waited a few days now and I periodically get emails asking me to confirm my emails which I do but it doesn't help.

Ticket #615681


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It looks like our support team was awaiting your reply to that ticket. It looks like you have followed up with them now and you should be hearing from them shortly. Sorry for the confusion.

The ticket number there was a ticket I had to open myself, I never got one from them! It doesn't matter though, I got a reply so I guess something will happen soon!

I'm in that situation right now. Was your account ever unlocked, basickarl?

  • I had to open a new ticket and posted it here on the community, then someone took a look at it.

Same here.
VERY disappointed. Probably a bug in the work flow.
Shame on such a large hosting supplier.

Wasting users' time is a very bad thing.

Many programmers charge by hourly rate.
Wasting their time = DO is owing them money.

Fix it asap. Please

Signed up and my account is now locked.

Seems like digital ocean is wasting my time.

i have same situation.. after paying in paypal they locked out my account for verification? i already filled out all the information they need

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