It’s a shame. After payment my account is locked. No mails - No information. Just waitin’…

  • Hi controloot - I’ve taken a look at your account and the credit card you tried to use was denied by your bank. I see that we’ve followed up with your support ticket already as well. Let me know personally via email (first name at) if you have any further feedback on this or questions.

    Thank you,

  • No. It’s not denied.

  • What is your e mail?

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Hi, I already have this issue. Any solution? The support does not answer me and my ticket does not get attention.

Kind of helpless here. Account locked straight after payment. Exactly the same, no info…
Can you help me out here?

Thank you.

this is so disgusting, why you blocked new account while they paid it for $5-$10. i think this is scam, also i want full refund, first impress = SCAMMER!

My account was also locked immediately after I paid $5. What’s the hold up?

Same thing.
Why this is happening?
Even digital ocean don’t think to do anything about this?
There is obviously a problem.
What is the crap of suspending account directly/immediately?

Same Problem.

I signed up for a new account, Entered all the appropriate info, and when I hit submit…


WTH!!! I received an email that you charged my card, but your site said it was declined, and I can’t access the account at all…

whats going on…? There are a lot of repeats this same issue, over quite a long span…

Please Help

Same problem. Time to use AWS I guess, lol

Same here! Just created a new accoun and right after the payment page my account locked. When i checked my bank account i can see that you charged 5 dollars!! So what is going on here??

just happened to me too, sign-up, finish the payment, then straigt to account blocked

This just happened to me 5 mins ago, Signed up, paid using my credit card, then account locked. What the hell is this? No emails on why my account was blocked.

The same problem has happened to me now. Created a ticket, waiting for an answer.

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Great. Same happened to me right now. Should have used Paypal to start a dispute....dammit. Well, gotta initiate chargeback if not resolved in 12 hrs

Hi, I already have this issue. Any solution? The support does not answer me and my ticket does not get attention.

Really Really Really WORST Service, I can’t even post a new question, As the Content area and Post Question button is not clickable. 😠😡

After making a payment I am also not able to use account simply says account has been blocked

Digital ocean choose to lock your account after your paid the first 5 USD rather than before . saying you are not welcome to using our service , this is weird thing .
technically , if there are some reason lock your account before your pay , you can simply change to other server provider but they choose to lock you account after you pay . there is no reason to explain this .
I am waiting they unlock my account or refund . due to this unhuman policy

justing saying : you are not welcome to use our service for reason . who knows

just simply dont like you

Yup. Same thing happened to me. Charged and locked. Still waiting for the damn refund!

Account Got locked as soon payment made? my money got deduct and got receipt from digitalocean and my account locked for no reason? explain?

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