Account Locked After Payment

June 12, 2019 239 views

It's a shame. After payment my account is locked. No mails - No information. Just waitin'...

  • Hi controloot - I've taken a look at your account and the credit card you tried to use was denied by your bank. I see that we've followed up with your support ticket already as well. Let me know personally via email (first name at) if you have any further feedback on this or questions.

    Thank you,

  • No. It’s not denied.

  • What is your e mail?

1 Answer

Hi, I already have this issue. Any solution? The support does not answer me and my ticket does not get attention.

  • Hi devreformerstudio - The team will look into this for you soon. My apologies that you felt the need to reach out here.

    Thank you,

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