Account Locked and i can't do anything ?

December 24, 2013 3.3k views
Hi After i put my billing information, i got message that my DO account is locked. I raised support ticket and they said " We are unable to verify your account " . I asked what do i have to do to verify and they said you can't do anything. I mean, is this really expected ? I didn't at all expected such an answer from DO.
4 Answers
strange, they even closed the ticket when i had asked the reason behind why account was locked.

Frankly speaking, can we expect such service from such a big site like DO ?
Did you use fake credit card information?
Credit card information was right. I use entropay for it.
actually, when i had typed my CC information, my entropay account was temporarily disabled due to additional verification by entropay so my CC was temporarily blocked.
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