Account locked and no reply from support

May 13, 2019 275 views

Account was locked on Thursday the 9th of may sent a reply email within 2 minutes of the account being locked and haven’t received a reply whats going on?????

2 Answers

hahaha…man i am facing this problem too.I just credited 5$ in my account then they blocked my account it almost 4 days gone i have submitted a ticket but no reply from them …sucks .

  • glad to know i’m not alone haha

  • How about now? It has happened to me for 2 days. I also created a support ticket but no reply.

    • still no reply been almost 1 week

      • I will move to another provider. I can’t believe that they have bad support.
        I’m thinking about one day, our server down, we create a ticket and they has no reply for ONE WEEK.

        • Yes it’s crazy my business relies on these servers and not only have they been down for 1 week but they’ve still been charging me money for the servers even though I have no access to them and can’t cancel them.

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