account locked, how to reset password

October 2, 2015 2.8k views

Hi, my droplet is being locked because there are abuse coming from it.

I need to troubleshoot and fix the breach on that droplet, but since it is locked I am unable to login to it. I've been using ssh keys to login in the past without root password.

Email from digitalocean's staff told me to troubleshoot using web console. However, to login through web console I need root password.

How do I reset root password when the corresponding droplet is locked?


1 Answer

You cannot reset the password for a droplet created with ssh keys. Our support team can, however boot your droplet to a recovery ISO which will allow you to mount your disk image and investigate the issue. From the recovery environment you should also be able to set a root password for your droplet that can then be used to log in via the console.

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