Account locked immediately upon creation???

July 26, 2017 1.7k views

This is completely unacceptable. What hosting service takes your money and then locks you out of your account for an undetermined amount of time for “identity verification?”

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“We’ll get back to you shortly”

“Usually within 2 hours”

Okay so we’re approaching 3 hours and I can’t do jack because of whatever ridiculous system this is

  • What do you expect the community to do? Plenty of hosting companies do this, just be patient.

    • I can confirm through the multiple hosting companies I’ve used over the years that none of them immediately lock you out of your brand new account upon giving them money. But it’s okay, I got a reply anyway

      • OVH does this too. Aren’t you happy providers put effort in to stop fraud and abuse?

        • I’d be happier if stopping fraud and abuse didn’t put me at a huge inconvenience with no information anywhere at all to tell me why my account is unusable aside from “hey we’re gonna verify you and it’ll take a couple hours maybe” and then you’re just like


          • It tells you why: identity verification. It’s not an inconvenience.

    • I dunno about you but I don’t have all the time in the world lol

“Please reply to this email with a CC to continue the verification process”

Okay done

Nearly another hour later

Still locked out, still can’t use the service I just paid for and my time is wasting

Over 5 hours later, either activate my account or give me my money back. This is literally the worst hosting service I’ve ever dealt with

  • Hi @MSKavanagh

    This is the community forum, meaning user-to-user forum, so we cannot help you with specific account issues.
    You need to create a ticket with Support via the control panel or through this form:

    It takes up to one day to get your account verified. Usually verification is only required when payment is done with PayPal or there’s a mismatch between credit card and contact information.

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