Account problems and exclusive student discounts

July 21, 2015 1.7k views
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Hello, I'm still in high school, I was a chance to see the github held above about education for students with special gifts. I carried my excitement applied for the spree. A little disappointed that we did not give us these school students in the school to provide exclusive mail ID, decided to send my message to github customer education there. Luckily, I passed github student certification, which means I can enjoy this package. I flew in here you register an account and want to build my personal blog. I was very disappointed that our local carriers to your company's web shield. Cause I can not properly browse your company's website. But later I try to use e-mail to contact your company's customer service. I have no credit card. We can only choose to authenticate via Paypal, after communicating several times, customer service can hope to add my exclusive promotional code to my student account, until now not reply. Thank you.

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