Account Suspended I'm so Mad at Support..

Posted November 18, 2014 3k views

I’m doing a research project where I intended on getting a pretty good estimate of how many servers in the world are running a service on port 80. To do so I used a program called Masscan. The program sends one syn packets to randomly selected Ip address until every Ip has been pinged. (Its ethical and conducted in a responsible manor)

The first trouble started when I got my account temporarily suspended because support said I didn’t respond in a timely manor (24hrs) to an abuse complaint. I’m pretty sure I responded 22hrs after the complaint which I know is a bit late but I was very busy that day.

Then I try to get my account back ,but support says I need to verify who I am because they think my account has been compromised (its hasn’t).
To verify I needed to send them
1 full name
2 Location
3 Phone number
4 Intended use of server
5 One of the following: Facebook Username, Twitter Username, Blog, or website

I responded with the first four things but I didn’t have any of number five.

Support then says It isn’t enough to verify who I am and wants me to send them a copy of photo Id which I’m not going to do for obvious security reasons (Identity Theft).

Support then offers me a refund of the $5 I put in to start the project (was going to put in a lot more). So I’m like ok at least I get something back.
They send me the transaction Id of supposed Refund ,but now a day later I still haven’t received it. I’m currently waiting on support to get back to me.

Why can’t I call someone, email someone, send a small amount of money through paypal and then get refunded , or something else to verify who I am instead of this photo Id thing that sounds super sketchy even if it is over SSL.

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  • You chose a user name of Dr34d (Dread)… and you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account?
    You had an abuse complaint? Tell us more about that… as you must have been doing more than explained above to get a complaint, or your system was in-fact compromised at some point.
    As far as a photo ID… just use your passport and write all over it that it’s ONLY to be used to verify ID with Digital Ocean/etc… that’s what I have done in the past when asked for photo ID. Someone would have to be pretty stupid to try and re-use an altered passport image. Talk about ID theft… some hotels still require that they keep a high-res digital scan of your ID just to stay a single night.

    Is this a research project for school? I bet they would accept your school ID.

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  • Yeah I don’t have any social media accounts
  • The complaint was because I had sent a packet to a honeypot which they consider ping there server to potentially be malicious.
  • The project isn’t for school or work. I just kind of thought it would be a cool project and i could possibly use it to start a portfolio of things of done

Also thanks for the Idea of writing on the ID I might send it over after all!