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Posted December 4, 2013 12.8k views
Hello, since 3 days i write with your "support". All i wanted from them is that they remove my other 2 accounts instead of disabling them. It seems like no one from that many guys is able to read.. They deactivated them, lied to me and much more. Now they went ahed and deactivated my main account, which is in productive use. My server is offline now. Please do something (Ticketnr: #119817), this is beyond urgent!

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The support does not answer anymore btw..
I recommend contacting at this point, this doesn't seem normal DO behaviour!
Thank you i will do. Server is offline since hours now cause of that sh**..
Were you rude to the support team? If not, I don't blame you for being annoyed.
Here is the full conversation:

I would say that i was patient enough. But after some time everyones patience ends..
I don't see anything you've done wrong here, have you lost any money from IRL? Did you put money into your account and then get it taken out?
Due to the suspension the $50 credits got removed.

It's just not understandable why their staff has so much problems with that simple task.

After they lied to me i knewed with what cards thei play.. With the suspension (most likely in rage) they confirmed what i thought.

I am curious what their ceo says.
Did you put in $25 and have that removed?
No i had a 50$ credit. But if i would have deposited more money it would be gone too. Due to the suspension everything got resetted.

In my oppinion they money does not even care, the problem is their staff. I do not think that anyone wants to trust in a company who acts like that.
I've had only 1 or 2 problems, never as bad as this.
I saw many feedback on the internet... Much of them was bad. But to be honest i did not expected something like that.
I've only seen positive feedback, not sure what happened your end though.
Of course there is positive as well but in forums for example you will find much bad feedback.

No response from the ceo yet btw.
Got Skype? I'll make a kinda deal with you. :)
I do not use skype anymore. But just send me a mail here:

To be honest i have no idea what kind of deal you mean :P
Or send a message at if you want. Should be easier :)
I don't got any message from you.

ALso no response from the ceo so far. That shows exactly what you can think of digitalocean..
It's understandable that you have no messages, the CEO is usually only in the office on Monday, I recommend waiting until 12 AM on Monday and resending. :)
Ah okay thanks for the information.
I will post the result here on monday then
No answer. Looks like that there is not anyone who cares about customers in that company...
ceo@ isn't support, please don't send support emails to that address. Do you have a support ticket # I can take a look at?
I really have no clue what's going on here.

You are the next one who is not able to read.. I guess the whole support team should go back to school once more.
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