Account Under Review, No Reply To Tickets, Etc

March 5, 2018 1k views

what the hell,

I created an account last night, paid $5 with PayPal, and my account says it is under review I have created 3 tickets but no reply … are you playing with me.

I want my account now or I’m going to open PP dispute on You..

3 Answers

i havent had a response in 48 hours and they are charging money for a droplet that i cannot delete. stay away from digitalocean bud!

Perhaps if you wouldn’t spam them with tickets and just be patient you’d get a response.

I have same problem.
lets make calculation.
Digital ocean make a drama.
Customer must register
then DO direct to payment page.
Credit card or paypal.
and pay $5 with paypal.
then you get your account under review. and never respone from ticket.
WOW, it’s amazing .
$5 one customer.
how if 1000 customers ?
$5000 ?
Digital Ocean never refund. so where all our money ?

if you can’t accept some account at here. so you must refund the money.
we can use another provider like vultr, linode or cloudcone.
it’s simple.

Digital Ocean always problem with Billing.
it’s your problem bro (DO)

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