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Posted April 7, 2020 2.6k views
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Hey, I am new to this VPS thing and got one machine, DNS and certificates running already. Seems quite simple so far but I need to add more domains to one droplet. I read from some tutorials about vhosts but there was no good guide which would fit with Digitalocean setup. One youtube video was specific to litespeed but going with that the folders where different and all I got cert errors with two certs within one ip even I did not get domain setup correctly within WebAdmin.

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We can provide the docs for you, can you tell us how you setup the server, by Marketplace One-Click Image or Setup from Script? Is this a WordPress CMS?

Can you also help to update the Apache Tag to LiteSpeed related?


  • Hey, I cant edit my post for some reason but when I created, there was not tag for litespeed specifically.

    But to my issue, the original setup is Litespeed wordpress droplet. I have now successfully created subfolders and redirections but IF I use HTTPS (letsencrypt), the sites give 404. They are two domains and will have their own wordpress setups, so no redirections between.

    Both sites virtual host SSL tab has correct path to their correspondent key files and I tried to recreate the certs with certbot but it did not fix the issue.

    • Ok.

      Here’s the doc to follow so you can create a new virtual host + Certificate + WordPress easily from one command line.

      About HTTPS 404 issue, I guess you did not map the virtual host to HTTPS listener.

      Let us know if it helps.


      • Hey, that wont work now since I have all setup already but I got it narrowed down to listener SSL key file location. Since the vhosts have their own key file locations setup, what do I put in the top level listener SSL tab since there are two different domains below it?

        • You can put any cert on it, better a valid cert. So if any vhost does not specify the cert, it will then use the top level cert. In other words, if you have specified the ssl in vhost, it will overwrite the top level cert.

          • Thanks, now the other domain works but other domain show the same content of other domain while the URL is right. Could it be something with the other domains document root? I checked the .conf file of the misbehaving domain and it looks to be alright and with correct document root I added but does it need some sort of “refresh” or something or should the saving file and restarting litespeed work?

        • If you confirmed that doc root set right, then it’s possible you set the wrong domain on the listener. Can you share a link of your listener settings screenshot? You can also join LiteSpeed community on Slack and @ eric so I can help you directly.