Add user-data after creation

October 10, 2014 3.9k views

Is it possible to enable user-data after droplet creation?

  • More importantly, I really want to store the discovery URL that I generated. Is the “user-data” stored somewhere so I can have easy access while trying to add a new machine to my cluster?

  • @shivab You can access it using curl Check out the docs on the metadata service.

2 Answers

You can’t add cloud-config to an existing droplet. Just destroy it and create a new droplet with your user-data.

  • ok. destroy and create a new one. Couldn’t we have a more flexible solution? Or destroy and create a new droplet is lightweight for DO. : )

Yeah, this sucks. Is there a feature request for this? Tweaking a script is going to be quite cumbersome with this workflow. And if any little thing changes requiring a tweak to the script, we have to destroy the droplet. Not good.

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