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Posted March 11, 2018 6.4k views
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I have a WordPress site, how can I expand the current storage? Because if I buy Volumes it will be like if I plugged in another HD to my computer, is it possible to expand the existing volume into purchased block storage so that I don’t have to move the WordPress content folder?

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It’s not possible to extend your existing filesystem with a Block Storage volume without modifying the filesystem. Is there any reason why you don’t want to move the content folder to the Volume? That’s the easiest and simplest way to do it. You can use a symlink so that you wouldn’t need to change any Wordpress settings or risk breaking plugins etc.

For example, if your Volume is mounted under /mnt/storage, you can move the content folder to it and then create a symlink that points to it:

sudo mv /path/to/wordpress/content /mnt/storage/
sudo ln -s /mnt/storage/content /path/to/wordpress/content
  • Well reason was bigger VPS was bought but it seems we can’t expand just storage on the VPS. I guess I can always take a snapshot then move to smaller VPS, but if I end up filling up a lot of space then it will be hard to do.

  • Excellent, I did with your solution and succeed, thank you so much @kamaln7

  • Great!!
    Does that mean, if I’ve my main instance of ssd harddisk of 10gb, and then I’ve attached/mounted an additional 15 gb standard/mechanical harddisk to /mnt/sdb. Then by giving these 2 commands, I can move all my wordpress content (or even whole /var/www) directory to /mnt/sdb and then link this /mnt/sdb to /var/www.

    Have I understood correctly?
    Can I hope there won’t be any problems to me down the way to my wordpress sites?