I successfully deployed a docker container to the APP platform of DO. The container contains a caddy server serving a static website. The app is accessible by the generated domain, but when I want to add a custom domain, it’s been stuck in “Configuring” for hours now. I’m starting to wonder whether this will ever be done, as I didn’t find any logs or anything about how long this might take! Also, would it pop up in the Networking part of the DO cloud once it’s finished?

The domain btw. is managed by Digital Ocean, the SOA is ns1.digitalocean.com..

  • I have the same problem… DNS settings look fine. Custom domain is sitting at status “Configuring” and nothing is changing. No error message, no nothing.

    I submitted a support ticket with my exact case data…

  • Same problem here!
    What’s worse is that the domain I am trying to add is controlled by DO. Waited 72hours no change, still “Configuring”, will wait 1 week, if not I fear my app + domain will have to be hosted elsewhere…

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Same issue, anyone have tried to resolved the issue? It’s been more than 72 hrs on my end, and the status is still the same.

  • Same here. nslookup shows the ip addresses for the starter domain to be the same as my new domain, but it continues to say Configuring anyway. It seems stuck/broken.

Not sure if related or relavant… Had the same issue a few days ago. I moved all DNS records to Digitalocean. My records were looking fine, but the domain just couldn’t exit the “Configuring” state. Microsoft Exchange and other connected services picked up new namesevers just fine, but DO kept having problems.

I removed the domain 3 times and it still didn’t work. When I sent a HTTP request using Postman, immediately after I readded the domain, Cloudflare first reported error 1001 (Conflict) but after a few minutes, the response changed to 302, so I knew something was happening.

After 3 attempts I looked at my DNS records again and found that I had a CAA record which allowed Let’s Encrypt to issue certificates for this domain. Again, not sure if it’s related, but after I deleted the record, deleted the domain again and readded it to DO, the setup finished in 2 minutes with HTTPS enabled…

@stefanheinemann Thanks for the question. The domain stays in configuring until we’re able to validate that DNS is configured properly and the TLS certificate has been issued. You can check these DNS settings using the terminal or command line app on your computer. The values for nslookup example-app-name-12345.ondigitalocean.app (the generated domain) should match the values for nslookup example.com (the domain you’re trying add). If this is still giving you trouble, please contact DO support (“Contact Support” link at the bottom of the page) so we can look into this.

  • I used terminal as instructed here and confirmed that the values for my DO domain matched those for the custom domain at which I wanted to deploy this app.

    However, it’s still configuring.

    Looking into it further, I noticed another error:

    ** server can’t find example-app-name-12345.ondigitalocean.app: NXDOMAIN

    (To be clear, I correctly inputted my specific URL here but swapped it out for privacy reasons.)

    I assume this is the cause and have opened a support ticket, but thought I’d share here as well in the hopes of getting a public answer, as nobody else has mentioned this and many seem to have had this issue.

Thank you for your answer. I’ve come back after the weekend, and the domain is still in “configuring”. I suspect there is a misconfiguration of the DNS setup.

The setup is as follows: assuming example.net, I have a subdomain dev.example.net which has NS entries pointing to the Digital Ocean Nameservers (ns*.digitalocean.com). So everything under dev.example.net is managed by DO (There are already various dropplets running there)
Now I’m trying to add project.dev.example.net in the App configuration which gets stuck in the configuring.

I also tried adding A and NS records to project.dev.example.net in the DO Networking configuration, but it didn’t work.

ANy luck on this issue? I am also experiencing the same problem. This is my first time using digitalocean and I am really disappointed at how slow it is to setup things.

Same here…I can successfully add a custom domain sometimes, but other times it remains in “configuring” – what is going on here?!?