Adding a subdomain (A record or CNAME) ?

May 8, 2016 17.2k views
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I apologies if this question is already answered,

I have one droplet running (1G) and wish to add several sub domains point to multi wordpress sites.

While trying to add A records and CNAME via the Digital ocean networking panel, it will only allow me one or the other. When I try to add both, I'm presented with a error message " CNAME record can not share name with other records"

Am I making some stupid mistake?

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What subdomains do you want to add and how are you trying to do that? If you want all of the subdomains to point to the Droplet that is hosted on the domain itself (e.g. -> ->, you will need to set up each one as follows, replacing www with sub1:

See How To Set Up a Host Name with DigitalOcean.

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