Adding common misspellings as CNAME Record

July 18, 2015 2.6k views
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How do I add common misspellings of my domain as CNAME records using DO’s DNS?

When adding a CNAME with DO it only asks for the name and appending .mydomain to the end.

So I end up with: 1800 IN A a.b.c.d 1800 IN CNAME

When I need: 1800 IN CNAME

  • Waait. Do you own every single first level “misspelled” domain name?
    If yes, add them to your DNS panel and point them with a CNAME record to the correct domain name.

  • Thanks, I didnt think to add the othet domains with their own zone files.

2 Answers

So, you are pointing your registered misspelled domains to the DO nameserver, correct?

I added the misspellings to DO’s name servers. Then added a cname record as:

* 1800 IN CNAME

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