Adding database → Error: Connection failed on VestaCP

February 17, 2015 16.3k views

Hi, on my droplet (2Gb ram, Ubuntu 14.04) I've installed the VestaCP (it is my 8th droplet on which I use VestaCP). I have added two databases and two sites. Everything looks as usuall but today when I tried to add a third database I get an error "Adding database → Error: Connection failed" plus that the existing databases were not running.
I tried changing the password in the /usr/local/vesta/conf/mysql.conf file and the existing databases worked but I still cannot add new database.

Can anyone help please?
Thank you in advance!

1 Answer

This question was answered by @Prajya:

When i restart server, will get this Error: Connection failed on VestaCP,
Login to vestacp > Services > Restart mysql
It work for me

Good luck

You can see the comment here.

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