Adding dokku to a Ghost droplet

Posted September 6, 2014 2.1k views

I’ve set up a ghost droplet and pointed a domain to it.

Now I’d like to get a bit more serious and have my site under source control and use an editor other than nano to make changes to it.

I had a ghost blog working on heroku and then made the mistake of trying to update the version and as so many folks seemed to be down on heroku for hosting the ghost blog I found myself here. I want to keep a similar deployment pattern that I have there for another site ‘git push digitalocean master’ or something there abouts. What I actually do there is Bitbucket->Codeship->heroku

As I haven’t really added any content yet to the ghost blog would it be better for me to delete that droplet and start over with a dokku droplet and then add ghost to it?

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If you haven’t added any content yet, you’re best bet will be to start over on a Dokku droplet. If you were to install Dokku on the Ghost droplet, you wouldn’t actually be using the preinstalled Ghost blog since Dokku runs your app inside of a Doker container.

You’ll also need to make a choice about how you want to handle persistent storage using a Dokku plugin. Check out this blog post on setting up Ghost on Dokku. It should help point you in the right direction.

by Justin Ellingwood
One big step in developing a web application is deciding how best to deploy it when it's ready for production. Dokku, a simple app built on top of Docker, the Linux container system, provides an easy way to do this. In this article, we will explore how to easily deploy a Node.js application using the DigitalOcean one-click Dokku image.
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