Adding kubernetes cluster to GitLab - getting the CA certificate

December 11, 2018 2.1k views

I'm attempting to add a Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster to GitLab. It asks for these values:

  • Kubernetes cluster name
  • CA Certificate
  • Token
  • Project namespace (optional, unique)

I followed the answers in a previous post (, and I solved everything except "CA Certificate."

Looking at the cluster's config.yml file (downloaded from Digital Ocean), I see a few values including CERTIFICATE-AUTHORITY-DATA, CLIENT-KEY-DATA, etc. However, these don't seem to be PEM format - which I assume is necessary.

In the end, I tried a few different values. GitLab continues with the setup without complaint, but the installation of Helm Tiller fails every time. This tells me that GitLab doesn't confirm the values.

Can anyone tell me how to find my CA Certificate? Thanks.

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Thank you very much, writing articles you share very well, so you do as above

To get the CA certificate you need to first have created a service account for GitLab. You can then run the command listed towards the bottom of the linked section here to grab it.

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