Adding subdomain on NGINX (CentOS)

January 28, 2014 8.2k views
Hey guys, I had a working nginx config for my domain, but now I want to add a subdomain to the config. I have following virtual.conf in my /etc/nginx/conf.d folder and it looks like this: Basically I just copied the serverblock that was working and changed the server_name and paths. My fist server block is still working, but the subdomain isn't. Any idea what the problem is?
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Have you restarted nginx?
Yes I ran: sudo service nginx restart a couple of times.
Did you add A record and Cname to your DNS at DO??

I guess this is what you are missing, check here:
by Assaf Gordon
Here's some documentation on how to set up and test DNS subdomains with DigitalOcean's DNS panel.
Oh no I didn't do that, thanks for the info!
The example is more complex than what I want though, not sure if I did it correctly.
I just need to add a CNAME record "subdomain" and "" right?
Sorry guys, but it's still not working I set it up like this ( and waited until the zone file was refreshed and restarted nginx, but I'm not seeing the index.php that's in the folder. I get "Oop Chrome couldn't find ..."
What is the domain name?, but I see doesn't work, which it did before ... maybe the problem is somewhere there?
Remove your domain from DigitalOcean's DNS manager and re-add it as instead of
It's working now, thanks a lot for the help!
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