Additional IP Addresses for Droplet

August 25, 2014 26.7k views


I'm a VoIP developer and have had a small server with you guys for the last year, and really like your service and platform.

My next project involves SIP and RTP and for a couple of different services and require a second Public IP Address to differentiate the services, as I need port 5060 on both. I need a total of 10 servers, however, only one of them requires the additional IP Address.

I will need 5 servers in NYC and 5 servers in CAL and only one server in each to have an extra IP.

Could you please make this happen for me?

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Unfortunately, we do not support multiple public IPv4 addresses at this time. You can show your support for this feature by adding your "vote" on the UserVoice request.

when google'd digitalocean additional ip, it shows firstly this result; so we need additional ip option for a cool price :)

I went ahead and enabled IPv6 and that allowed me to have a range of ips/64. :) So yes there is a free way to have multiple ips.

Actually there is a way which you can use additional ip.
Just start a dummy $5 droplet, then turn it off.
Leave it turned off and use the ip address in your existing droplet..

am I a genius or what? how come nobody thought of it ???

  • Hi, does this way work? Have you tried it?

  • Some time ago (8 months) it worked. Give it a try. But remember you have to leave the droplet turned off.
    If it doesn't work, linode charges $1/month for additional ip. They are as good as DO.

  • Respuesta ridicula, que tal si yo tengo webs que necesitan mas espacio ? y tengo que andar comprando droplets, cuando se puede ahorrar conprando ips diferentes

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