Advice on setup for large WooCommerce website

October 26, 2017 1.2k views
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I want to check that the following is a suitable setup for a large WooCommerce website. Your advice, suggestions and support would be greatly appreciated.

The website has been migrated to WooCommerce from a custom build, so I'm unsure of what infrastructure I'll need.

The site has 9k+ products, 35k+ users, 90k+ orders and CloudFlare says (the existing site) has 150k+ visitors per month using ~1TB of bandwidth.

At the moment I have a staging site (both codebase & database) on a single $10 droplet but I plan on having the following for production;

  • $40 High CPU droplet for codebase
  • Volume storage (100gb) attached to this for ~30gb of existing images
  • $20 standard droplet for database (600mb+)

My questions are;

  • Am I correct thinking the codebase should be on the High CPU droplet?
  • Am I being optimistic thinking the $20 droplet will suffice for the database? Should I consider a high memory droplet?
  • Is it easy enough to upgrade either of these droplets if the website isn't performing well on them?

I also would like to migrate the configuration & data (particularly the 30gb of assets volume storage) to the production server. The problem I'm having with this is the existing $10 droplet has a 30gb disk and the High CPU only has 20gb disk, therefore I can't just launch it from a snapshot.

What's the best way to go about this?


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Hello Moorst!

Did you ever find a solution on this? i'm considering moving a big site aswell, but from WPengine.

Best regards, Behruz

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