After adding domain name to magento 2 website, admin panel not working properly.

May 17, 2017 2.9k views
PHP Apache Ubuntu 16.04

System: ubuntu 16.04
apache 2, php 7 mysql 5.7

When I didn't add domain to the droplet, everything works fine. But when I add the domain, the admin panel of the magento 2 website is not working properly. the submenu content is blank after loading.

I am using the CloudFlare to mange the domain, and I simply add a record with the ip address of the droplet. The website is running without any errors. I cannot find any useful information and there is not log for the problem which is showing in the picture below.

The problem is showing in the link below.

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Hi @mingfang

You need to update your base_url in the database and then clear the cache.
Have a look at these two answers:

Please make sure you've made a backup of the database before doing such commands. I would even recommend doing a snapshot in the control panel of DigitalOcean, so you can restore the entire server in case something goes wrong.

The error is happening after I update the website with the new domain and I have already updated the URL in the database as well. And then I cleaned the cache.
I even make the exactly setup in my local vps, it is working perfect in my local server. Also I made another droplet and set up the LAMP again, the submenu still not showing. After I change the ip back, and clean the cache. The website works fine. I checked all log, and there is no errors.

  • @mingfang
    How about setting up a new droplet - add the domain - then install Magento?
    I've been running Magento for several years and this is how I move domains, but I must admit that I haven't used Magento2 for anything other than testing.
    Could you enable debug logging in Magento, since you say nothing is logged in the Apache log?

The issue still there, I cannot find any error in the website.
Here is the login and password for the domain.
I setup a demo, if there anyone know what is wrong with the droplet, please tell me.
Thank you very much!!!!
Username: admin
Password: passw0rd

The problem still cannot be solved... Until now I still cannot figure it out. And the problem only happened on digital ocean.

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