After applying cloud firewall my site is not working!!

August 18, 2018 1.2k views
Nginx Ubuntu 18.04

OK to increase my droplet security I created a Cloud Firewall and applied it to my droplet,and the strange thing that occur is my site is completely not working(to be precise my server came to halt and I cannot access my site).I followed this link is there anything I am missing!!

Any help.

1 Answer

This should help you learn more about how the firewall works:

  • I don’t even know how is my problem related to any of the information provided.I am getting very high public inbound Bandwidth and I don’t know the source of it.So I thought setting up fire wall might counteract the issue but oddly setting up firewall prevent any access to my website.

    • Yea you do have to open ports in the firewall, like port 80,443 for web access and 22 for ssh access. Better to just disable it for the moment and re'enable it after you’ve gone trough the above article. Google Analytics would help you figure out some things about the traffic origin.

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