After DNS switch, some CSS is not working some of the time :(

August 7, 2015 4.6k views
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Hi, I added a domain to my droplet. I know the DNS is still fully transferring over. I routed it through cloudflare as well.

The issue is my header is not fully loading CSS properly for some reason. I don't think it's an issue with theme as it fully worked right before I connected the domain DNS.

Is this a common DNS issue or am I missing something? I refresh a bunch of times and sometimes the header works but more recently its been failing more often. It's been about an hour since I did the DNS switch.

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DNS can take longer than an hour to propagate. What is the domain name?

  • It switches between the old (godaddy) hosting and my droplet. Should header (main menu navigation) CSS be broken on the droplet whenever it's serving that version?

  • I don't know. What is the domain name?

@Woet Ah sorry! I replied in the wrong place and left it out. It's

@Woet Hey I found the culprit for the header. It was a php.ini issue of maxinputvars = 1000 (increased it).

Also, increased my droplet size.

Lastly, how do I see which files specifically are importing from

You've been an amazing help, I can't thank you enough!!!

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