After "emergency migration" my LEMP droplet now uses APACHE?

August 9, 2019 197 views
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A week ago i got an “emergency migration” email and now my LEMP server droplet now has APACHE and even after stopping the apache service and running NGINX, no longer resolves any of my URLs.

Additionally, the sudo command no longer works and gives an error that says could not resolve hostname.

Everything was working fine before this “emergency migration” now i have to spend much time debugging what you did to my server so that i can get it working again? does this happen regularly?

I didn’t even get an email stating that the migration service was done. Am i supposed to just keep checking my server and see if it’s ok?

Quite disappointing.

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Also after this migration, SSH now doesn’t work and gives error “connection reset by peer.”

Only way to access is by web console. Sigh.

I tried sending a ticket but no response yet.

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