After I created a droplet with wordpress I get authentication required which I cannot pass

August 31, 2014 5.2k views

I created a droplet with 1g and requested the wordpress. When I go to the site I get white screen and window stating authentication required. I entered the user and password that was emailed to me and it does not work. I entered digital ocean ID and password and it does not work either. Am I doing anything wrong?

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  • I am also experiencing this. The only other recent change that i have made to my server has been to install my ssh key. I am not sure if i may have done something during that process to cause this , but whenever I visit my domain now , i am presented with a prompt to login that isnt receptive of to any of my credentials , please advise !

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Check out the following tutorial:

This step is where the authentication information is:

The instructions and credentials are also stored in the /root/WORDPRESS file. We will demonstrate how to optionally remove this authentication layer after the installation is complete.

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