After I setup a remote database server, I am facing SSL certificate unrecognized issues.

January 30, 2015 2.1k views

Following this article

I setup a remote database for My Magento Application. Now facing below issue

I am using ssl certificate for few sections of website like customer account & shopping cart etc, but now the issue is that the browser is not recognizing the ssl certificate and throwing warning, like proceed with own risk, so what I need to do that to avoid SSL errors ? Can I use the same ssl certificate for Remote DB server as well?

2 Answers

The customer has no interaction with the remote DB server. So you can rule that out.

Did the certificate work BEFORE that change? Do you have a site address?

I guess the testing server was the culprit to through https error on main (Live Server ) everything is running good with remote server. no issues for now. Thank sir

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