After India GST implementation, unable to make payment. Field "Goods and service tax" is mandatory. it should not be for Turnover < 20 Lakh

July 7, 2017 93 views

I am using DigitalOcean more than a year. I am located in India. After GST implementation in India, I am getting payment issue. Payment is not getting deducted from my card. Getting message "Unable to Create Payment".

At the billing section field "Good and Service Tax ID" Field is made mandatory. where as I do not have Service Tax ID since my business turnover is less than 20 Lakh. Also Promo Code is mandatory. Can some one please help me to make the payment. Thanks.

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Hi @satisharalkar

You need to create a ticket in Support via the control panel. We, the community forum, don't have access to account details and cannot help you in this case.
In Europe, we have something similar called VAT, but it's not a required field - nor is Promo Code. I know there's a blue star, but the field is not required, it's different blocks.

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