After installing WordPress - server IP address could not be found.

July 25, 2019 203 views
WordPress DNS


This is my first time using DigitalOcean after years of shared hosting - so please bear with me!

My domain ( is with NameCheap. I have the DNS pointing to dns1.digitalocean, etc., etc.

I have created the domain in the DO control panel.

I also updated the records in the control panel to the following:

A = redirect to

CNAME = is an alias of

However, when you go to the website, you get a "server IP address could not be found error."

I am at a loss here and really hope somebody can help.


1 Answer

" redirect to"

Is that actually what the A record says?

Is should be just "" redirecting to

Edit: I'm actually able to connect to your site at "" with no issues. If you haven't changed anything since posting, it's possible it's just a DNS propagation issue that should sort itself out soon.

  • I made the correction to the A record shortly after posting. That was a misstep on my end, obviously.

    Glad to know you are able to connect.

    Still getting the same issue here ... so likely a DNS propagation issue, as you said.

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