After reset root password, how do I get my website back up (running on node.js server)?

November 11, 2019 189 views

I am running on a separate node.js server. I had to reset my root password which, for some reason, crashed my website. I have tried rebooting the droplet, but nothing seems to be working to get the website back up.

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It really depends on your setup, but you most likely just need to start your node app.

  • First go to the document root of your app:
cd /path/to/your/node/app
  • Then start the app:
node app.js

Besides that I would recommend checking out this article here eon how to setup your node app for production:

Hope that this helps!

by Brennen Bearnes
Node.js is an open source JavaScript runtime environment for easily building server-side and networking applications. Node.js applications can be run at the command line but this guide focuses on running them as a service using PM2, so that they will automatically restart on reboot or failure, and can safely be used in a production environment.
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