After resizing server on DigitalOcean, all domains got disconnected from ServerPilot

February 6, 2018 813 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu


After resized to better performance, all domains connected with ServerPilot got disconnected and all databases aren’t able to be connected.
Need help urgently.

2 Answers

Hi Calvin, you should open a ticket with ServerPilot support so they can take a look and help you out. They’ll be able to identify if any customizations you’ve made to your server have broken the server configuration, if MySQL didn’t start properly when your server rebooted from the resize, and many other things. DigitalOcean support probably won’t be able to look into this for you as DigitalOcean servers are unmanaged.

Contacted them but they said they are unable to help due to there are slow-running MySQL queries occurring on the server.
Im trying to connect to the database but stuck in a loop.
Trying mysqldump but not working too.

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