After turning my droplet off and then back on, my domain wont show my django app? the server connections times out/restarts/stops responding

November 13, 2019 510 views
DigitalOcean Django Ubuntu 18.04

I have had a django app deployed on a droplet with gunicorn and nginx setup. The app has been running beautifully for 3.5months. Today, I needed to take a snapshot. So I turned off the droplet(using ‘poweroff’) inside the console-access within the digitalocean site. I started the snapshot when it was 30-40% complete digitalocean gave a pop-up saying something went wrong with snapshot. I thought it failed so i refreashed the page to see if the snapshot would still be there with is progess bar and it was. it then completed its process and a snapshot was created. I then turned back on the droplet using the websites UI and then tried to go to my sites domain; with no successful response.

I have tried everything trying to get it to work!

I have ran the lines:

  • 'systemctl daemon-reload’
  • 'systemctl restart gunicorn’
  • 'systemctl restart nginx’

No Luck

  • Checked all Nginx and Gunicorn files
  • Checked the status of nginx conf ('nginx -t’)
  • Checked the status of gunicorn and gunicorn.socket
  • went through the Nginx, postgres, gunicorn setup with django in ubuntu 18.04 tutorial !4times!
  • checked django settings file.
  • checked DNS

Everything is right and working but I cant access my site from its domain or its IP.

I then used whois to make sure my domain was working; it was. I used whois to check the IP address to make sure it was working; it was. I checked the reverse of the server IP and got my domain in response. EVERYTHING APPEARS CORRECT. Yet, its not working.

Someone please help. quick. My site is essential for a business.

The domain is '’ if anyone needs to see the response browsers give.

1 Answer

When you turn off the droplet, you must enter from your DO account, and activate the firewall from there. Don’t do it from putty / ssh or it won’t work. Although your problem may not be this, but try this: sudo ufw disable / enable.
In my video tutorial I explain how to do it (English subtitles):

  • Hey, so it turns out that when I created the snap shot is messed up the network connection and like it cant be fixed so I put in a ticket just to try and retrieve certain files. but if anyone ever finds a solution to fixing a droplets network connection please share. like it cant ping or apt-get or anything requiring internet.

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