Ajenti v : how to set up a database user

December 15, 2015 2.4k views
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Setting up a wordpress site on Ajenti v- for Ubuntu 14 . When running the wordpress configuration I get the following error message :

Can’t select database
We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the xxxxx_database database.

Are you sure it exists?
Does the user xxxxuser have permission to use the xxxxxdatabase database?
On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so it would be like xxxxxxxxxxdatabase. Could that be the problem?

I don't see a way of assigning the user to a specific database as I would normally do with mySql. When creating a user all I get asked is the name , the hostname and the password.


1 Answer

You've hopefully seen it by now, but I found that there are two db user management interfaces in Ajenti. The one under Software > MySQL where we found ourselves pulling out our hair, and the one under Websites > [a domain] > MySQL. On this screen you get the db creation, user/password creation, and Grant permissions.

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