Alert: SSHD Rootkit spreading across the web.

February 28, 2013 3.8k views
Especially cPanel users, but also ALL Linux machines including those who use only private keys for access. There is a bad SSHD RootKit exploit going around and its NASTY! Read more about it here: You can check if infected and see suggested hardening here:
1 Answer
Thanks for highlighting this, given this issue and a couple of others we are looking into incorporating security alerts as part of the Control Panel so that customers can submit security reports and others can browse through them, acting as a sort of aggregator.

We're hopeful that the community will engage in that and help keep other customers informed of potential security issues and also to provide a place for customers to have an open dialogue regarding an issue to help with troubleshooting, figuring out if a system is possibly affected, or if an update is required.
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