All kind of kernels in new CP

May 11, 2013 3.5k views
Hi all, what are the difference of all kind of kernels that you can install from the new CP to your droplet in my case Centos? Are the otherones better, faster, more secure? Thanks Peter
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Hi Peter,

Because we support different distros we imported the base kernels that we use in each of the Distros. This is for two reasons.

1. We are reworking how we handle images and separating out the kernel from the image, so this way we can do system updates on the OS and then just load any specific kernel.

2. We are looking to allow users to import their own kernels so we needed to populate the list with the original kernels that they would default back to.

We try to keep the kernels as consistent as possible between the distros so there shouldn't be a major difference between security and/or performance.
...should I be switching to the other kernels to remain secure or keep using the original one?
I recommend using the latest kernels so you're up to date on security patches.
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