All website go down on nginx ubuntu

August 26, 2015 4.5k views
Linux Commands Nginx

I am use virtual host on nginx ubuntu, by mistakely I am used this command sudo fuser -k 80/tcp on nginx web server
I dont know why I used this command… may by mistake
Going all mysite down…because of this
What I do.
Please reply anyone.
Your help would appreciated

2 Answers

You only killed the process using 80 (nginx) have you tried starting nginx back up?

  • thanks for reply,
    I am newbie on nginx, I dont know much.
    No, I am not tried any backup

  • No - Bring back up, such as start.
    Try this

    sudo service nginx start
  • Oh thanks man....Very basic....But I am not tried…Lol
    Your suggested service nginx start** Working**..
    I have one more important question… I will post immediately

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