Allow PHP to delete Nginx cache files

November 10, 2014 6.9k views


I’m using the Nginx FastCGI cache on Debian 7 and I’d like to allow PHP to delete Nginx’s cache files.

PHP-FPM runs as www-data.
Nginx runs as nginx.

/var/cache/nginx owner and group is root, permissions are 755 (drwxr-xr-x).

Directories in /var/cache/nginx are owned by nginx, group is root, permissions are 700 (rwx------). Files in /var/cache/nginx owner and group is nginx, permissions are 600 (rw-------).

How can permanently allow the user www-data to delete files in /var/cache/nginx?

I have minimal knowledge about unix user/groups or filesystem ACL’s, any leads appreciated!

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  • Normally on a Debian or Ubuntu system, Nginx also runs as the www-data user. How did you install it?

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Doh, thank you for the hint. I just changed the user in nginx.conf to www-data and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot!

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