Alternative to WHMCS for reselling DigitalOcean products

September 17, 2019 184 views
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Would anyone be able to let me know what some viable alternatives to WHMCS are? I want to be able to resell DigitalOcean products using the API system. Thanks!

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Hi @coinlawyer20757,

You can check the hostbill app at the following LINK. It’s got some nice features and it’s easily usable.

Additionally, it has a nice panel and availability to add more and of course it has an API for Digital Ocean.

Kind regards,

  • Thanks for the response! I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m still open to anyone suggesting more alternatives though - as I’m not sure which will work out.

    • The good thing about hostbillapp is that you pay once and that’s it. With WHMCS actually you are on a monthly/yearly based subscription.

      Depending on your needs you can choose between the two or from other alternatives.

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