Am I allowed the same billing information for multiple teams?

Posted July 23, 2020 861 views
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I saw in the DigitalOcean TOS that ‘3.6 Subscribers are restricted from registering multiple Accounts with the same billing details without first notifying DigitalOcean of that intent.’

I have one set of billing details - can I set up multiple teams where each team pays from the same debit card?

Furthermore, can each team have just me in it and still pay this way? (Just curious, as I want teams in order to split up my projects into relevant areas, i.e. business and personal.) Would that count as having 'multiple Accounts’?

Thank you!

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2 answers

Yes. We allow you maintain the same billing information across teams and personal accounts and even make it easy to copy across during the creation process. You should take a look at our “Team Quickstart” page on our documentation site for more information about this.

However, if you are going to do this on a large scale (across many different teams), I recommend that you file a support ticket to discuss your needs in greater detail so it doesn’t trigger any security/abuse flags.

  • Great, thank you. Just to clarify, could I have multiple Team accounts that have different contact email addresses, but still have each team comprised of the same personal account? Just wondering if the different contact email addresses might change anything.

    • Each team represents a different account with its own resources and team members, so you should assume they are all separate entities with a relationship to you as owner. This means they could have the same or different contact emails depending on your preference for where related information should be sent.

      Another option for intra-account resource management is Projects (see “Projects Quickstart” for more info), which allows you to segregate things like droplets, spaces, and load balancers into logical groups within the same account (personal or team). We don’t currently support the ability to restrict access to specific users on a project basis, so you should be aware of this limitation upfront.

Also, am I allowed the same billing information for a Team, and for my personal account. (Rather than having 2 teams, I can just have 1 Team with just my personal account, and then my personal account).