Am I charged even when my account is suspended?

June 1, 2019 171 views

I set up a small VPS to test things out and forgot about it, today I received emails from my bank about my account not being able to be charged (not enough balance, I don’t keep my money in my VISA card). Now I cannot remove destroy droplets or remove my card at all!

I want to ask if my account is suspended and my droplets deleted then after I put money in it, will DigitalOcean charge me?

1 Answer

I believe you are charged to some degree when suspended, as your droplets are still allocated resources (even if the Droplets are powered off). As I understand it, DO will destroy all services in your account after a certain amount of time has passed without payment.

So theoretically there is a point where you are no longer charged for the droplets. For the sake of a few dollars, you are better off paying what you owe and getting on with your life (rather than always wondering if this will come back and bite you).

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