Amazon SES TXT and DKIM do not get verified

August 1, 2016 2k views
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I am using the Amazon SES for which I have to verify my domain and than update my DNS records such that I use DKIM. In the past I have managed to verify the TXT records but unfortunately more recently they have been deleted so I have to put them back in. As for the DKIM DNS records they do not lead to any changes. I have even got to the extend of inserting them into Amazon’s Route 53.

I’ve searched on google and I found out that the TXT record name should end on a ’.’. As well for the DKIM name and data value. But again, this does not work for me. Would the problems arise because I have a TXT record from google as well ? To my mind there should be no problem. I also have some MX records from google. I am out of ideas, any suggestions ?

1 Answer

Without seeing the actual records it’s tough to say what the problem with them is. If you are adding these records via our control panel I would recommend encapsulating your TXT record content in quotes " as failing to do this is the most common issue I see with TXT records on DO.

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