AMS1 --------------> AMS2 Migration Question

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Received email announcement regarding AMS1 migration to AMS2.

The only thing you did not say, and it would be interesting for all:

Will migrated server to AMS2 keep the same IP address ?

Hi there,

As a continuation of our infrastructure performance and reliability upgrades, we have decided to deprecate the AMS1 region.

All existing Droplets in AMS1 will join the AMS2 region and will undergo a physical migration to the AMS2 data center on a new code-base. We want you to be as informed as possible regarding a few upcoming changes, below we’ll outline what it means for you and a timeline in which this will occur:

On September 11, we will be disabling all new Droplet creates in AMS1. In effect your Droplet will be located within the AMS2 network. Over the next week we’ll be converting all Droplet images to be compatible with our newest codebase. As a benefit of this, you’ll be able to leverage private networking in AMS2 on all brand new hardware.

After the conversions are completed on September 17, you’ll have the opportunity in the control panel to manually migrate your Droplet to the new codebase. This migration will also physically move your Droplet from AMS1 into the AMS2 facility. We’ve setup a direct link between the data centers to ensure this happens quickly!

If you choose not to manually migrate your Droplet, you’ll receive a notice 7 days ahead of the scheduled migration, and our system will automatically migrate your Droplet. Throughout a period of approximately 6 hours all the Droplets on the hypervisor where your Droplet resides will be migrated to a new host. We spread out the migrations to ensure that each of them run in a timely manner and completes successfully.

When your specific Droplet is queued for migration it will be powered off and you can expect about 1 minute of downtime per GB utilized of your Droplet’s disk size.


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Support replied to me :

Yes, the IP address of the droplet will stay the same.

So… there is no option yet to migratie the Droplet to the new codebase. Something changed?

I asked DO a question 2 days ago the AMS1 -> AMS2 migration, received this anwser:

We are just finishing up *some final touches on the datacenters. Once you get an email scheduling the automatic migration, the option to manually migrate before-hand will appear. Also, the option will only appear when you droplet is turned off.

Here is a great guide on the process that will help serve as reference:”*

TODAY: no e-mail yet, and turned down droplet to check but also no upgrade/migrate option yet

SO: although they communicated September 17, they aren’t ready yet, bad communication

I really want to plan our downtime for the migrations and don’t like being pushed to do this within a random 7 days notice of being transferred automatically

by Mitchell Anicas
If you have received an email notification from DigitalOcean stating that your droplet will be upgraded to the most recent version of our cloud soon, you have two options for proceeding: Do nothing and allow the automatic upgrade...
  • Support replied to me:


    Thank you for contacting us. At this time the AMS1 migrations have been put on hold to ensure that when the transition comes it is a smooth one. Currently we do not have any further information or ETA on when the new times will be. You can be assured that once we have the information we will share it so you are made aware ahead of time.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!