Amsterdam 1 Server (AMS1) UCEPROTECTL3 Spam Blacklisting

July 29, 2015 4.4k views

I don't actually use my droplet as a mail server but at some point I was using and did registered my IP for periodic spam blacklist check. Couple of days ago, I have received UCEPROTECTL3 blacklisted warning. Tried to remove it. I've been warned that I was not allowed to remove my IP from their list. Because my IP wasn't blacklisted but my IP range was.

At this point I don't know even if this affects mail traffic or not. Didn't even try. But I am planning turning my droplet to some sort of showcase in couple of months and I need every capability of this droplets can offer.

My questions would be: What should I expect from this blacklisting? Does anyone from this server having any issues regarding mail traffic? Is moving my droplet to another server a solution (since this may be a temporary occurrence)?

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I would recommend contacting our support team. We work diligently to keep our IP ranges off of blacklists and they should be able to assist you with resolving this by identifying the IP in that range that is responsible and taking action.

I would recommend to use a service like mandrillapp or mailgun to take care of your emails, that would be a quicker and better solution.

Same problem here. My email messages are being blocked by Gmail et al for being included in this list.

In attempting to set up a mail server, and finally getting it working mostly. I discovered this same problem. My test email was received on some external email addresses, but Yahoo put a nice "X-YahooFilteredBulk" header tag into the received email and threw it into the spam folder.

This led me to, which led to Our IP is not involved in any of the reported incidents, and so I suppose if we had $21/month (or $100+ per 2 years) to spare, we could get whitelisted, and the problem would likely go away, but I do not know.

I'll be contacting support shortly, as a result of RyanPQ's suggestion.

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