Android apps are loading data slowly

Posted April 14, 2017 2.7k views
MySQLApacheUbuntu 16.04

the website is lagging and all the android apps are loading data slowly.i upgraded the ram from 1gb to 4gb , but still is not fixing the issue
The app was downloaded 22,000 times today and is data/sql heavy

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Hi @aneeshniskz

There does not seem to be much load on your server - at least not in the images.

You need to be a little more specific. Which processes do you think is causing this?

  • I have no idea , the apps were working fine yesterday with 4000 downloads , i did not change any code, nothing in server , now new app updates , today the apps started loading wallpapers very slowy and getting alot of negative reviews pointing out the slowness of loading data @hansen

  • @aneeshniskz
    It’s very difficult to see all the data and the period. It seems like the server was maxing out either CPU or RAM at some point, but it’s outside of the picture.
    That would slow everything down a lot.

    You probably need to optimize both your web server, database and scripting engine.

    I would highly recommend replacing Apache with Nginx, since it’s built to withstand a lot more connections at the same time.

    For the database, make sure you got indexes all the right places and I would recommend replacing MySQL with MariaDB.

    I don’t know what scripting language you’re using, but I’m guessing PHP - if yes, then make sure your code works in PHP7.1 and upgrade to that version. That will give it a speed boost.

    There are many other optimizations you should do in order to sustain a load of 20k+ daily visitors.

    If all the pictures are static files, then you could place them on a CDN, which will host the files in many locations and take care of all the load.

How can i check “Apache not closing the connection fast enough.” part ?