Any chance of getting OpenBSD to the Ocean?

January 2, 2014 4.7k views
FreeBSD would be nice, but in order to leverage one would need a tad more than 512Mb of RAM; however OpenBSD would be an excellent BSD partner for the Ocean. Small footprint, responsive, solid, etc.
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Kamal, do you know about any plans (or ongoing status) to adopt any of the BSDs at Digital Ocean? With all due respect, I've been to a number of these "question nodes" like this on this site, and the reply has always, and only, been what you said — go to this link and vote. On that link are two things: a high vote count (over 1700 votes) and many people asking about an official status from Digital Ocean, which has been unanswered for over a year. I've run OpenBSD 5.4 and FreeBSD 10 on a couple of other VPS providers on KVM boxes they work great; so, it would be difficult to believe that there are any technical hurdles for Digital Ocean to field such BSD boxes. There are a few people like me who are paying month to month at another provider, but will switch to Digital Ocean as soon as these VMs become available here. Please consider stating a position soon on at least one of the BSDs. Thanks for your consideration, -Rick.

@kamaln7 The link you posted is to a feature request to add any BSD to DigitalOcean and is marked as COMPLETED because FreeBSD was added. This question here by @rong1611 is specifically about OpenBSD (a different system than FreeBSD) and a different (still open) feature request is relevant here:

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