Any emailforwarding services with DigitalOcean?

June 18, 2014 12.2k views
I'm currently hosting my WP sites on a crappy shared hosting package, and I'm planning on taking a VPS here at DigitalOcean. Since I'm a total newcomer in the world of dedicated servers, migration will probably be a pain. I think I'll be able to handle the moving the sites (altough I fear hosting multiple WP sites on a single droplet isn't gonna be easy), but I haven't seem to found any kind of e-mailforwarding service. Is there any way to implement an easy emailforwarding service (no need for separate mailboxes, just forwarding) for DigitalOcean hosting? If not, are there any recommendations for third party alternatives? Thanks!
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I ran into this problem today and found this solution ( took me about 10 minutes to setup and works great!!

  • I’ve just written an updated and detailed guide for this. Hopefully it’ll be of use.

    Recently I’ve started pointing all my domains’ MX records to Mailgun and setting up routes to Gmail. Saves having to fork out for G-Suite and I can finally get rid of my shared hosting, which I was only holding onto for the email hosting.

Actually, a DO support guy just answered a similar question:
If you're looking just for simple email forwarding, not a full third party mail service, I'd look into what your domain registrar provides. Many registrar provide free email forwarding for a limited number of emails along with the domain registration. For instance, I know that Namecheap does.

I’ve tried @simonhoye solution and it works excelent. I’d been struggling with Postfix following as many tutorials I could find but none was enough.
Also found the same solution here:
I'ts really simple, you have to try it!

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