Any plans for a datacentre in Brazil soon ?

January 3, 2015 4.2k views

Hi, do you have any plans to open a datacentre in Brazil at some point soon ?



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  • That is a very popular request and we are looking into it. You can vote for adding a data-center in Brazil here.

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Yes, do this. My ISP international connection is sh*t.
I’m getting 85% package loss at Miami right now. I tried west cost, east cost, europe and singapore data centers, but all my ISP’s international connections pass through Miami, apparently.

Host1Plus has vps offerings in Brazil with good pricing too, they can do it, i bet Digitalocean could too, i was using digitalocean but the latency and the connection problems that Brazilians face going outside brazil made me swtich to Host1Plus, as soon as they face the hurdles and open a BR data center i would switch back as i think Digitalocean to be a better service!

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