Any plans for datacenter in Russia?

October 2, 2014 14.1k views

A recent law in Russia states that starting from Jan, 1st 2015 all companies have to store personal data of Russian citizens only on Russian territory. This means that many companies (including myself) have to switch from DigitalOcean to Russian hosting providers. The problem is that cloud providers in Russia are not that good.
DigitalOcean, you can check how many customers you have from Russia, and if the amount if enough, please consider creating a datacenter located in Russia.

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Looks like you might have already found this, but for the benefit of others that come across this question, we use UserVoice to track feature requests and gauge user demand. While there are no plans at this time to open a data center in Russia, there is an open request on UserVoice. You can vote for it to show your support for the idea and subscribe to get updates.

  • Almost 3K votes, and still “Gathering Feedback” /: Any near future plans?

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