Any Plans To Accept Bitcoins As A Payment Method?

Posted October 14, 2014 38.2k views

Are There Any Plans To Accept Bitcoin As A Payment Method?


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We have thought about adding BitCoin as a support payment method.

If we do launch it would be something that is available to verified customers.

Hi, I would like to pay also with Bitcoins.


Very interested please add.

How do I know if my account is “verified”?

So… @moisey , is any good news for Bitcoin community or intentions at least?
Asking as verified customer, no scam.

I am interested in paying with bitcoin too.

I would like to see this too.

Accepting bitcoin could bring you alot more customers.

Please accept bitcoin. I love your services but actively buy most of my VPS’s elsewhere for ethical reasons because you don’t accept bitcoin. Many hosts and VPS providers now accept bitcoin … including ramnode.

I am a customer for over a year, and the company I work for is also, I even pointed out to DigitalOcean after meeting the service.Really I want to pay with bitcoin, as I will not have to leave this service we like?

Just saying, I could pay my bill alot quicker if I was able to pay in bitcoin…

Would love to be able to pay my bill in bitcoin!

+1 vote for bitcoins!

Please support Bitcoin as a Payment method.

Please add Bitcoin as payment option

Really eager to see Bitcoin payments supported.

Sorry DO, after a Droplet rebooted due to physical node issue twice in 7 month period and lack of Bitcoin support, I decide to leave for vultr.

its 2017 and i am still waiting update for btc as payment method at digitalocean.
at least for verified user. :)

I am interested in paying with bitcoin too.

By not adding bitcoin you are restricting you clients from paying you for your services. Please add this as it is integral to our business operations and our preferred method of payment

Any updates on this?

When are you going to add cryptocurrency payments?

It would be very helpful if you accept a cryptocurrency as a payment method, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Nano. All three of those currencies’ fees are quite low these days (all under $2 per transaction at the most).

PayPal’s fees are costing me and other customers a lot.

  • Why not simply accept Bitcoin Cash. Fees are under $0.01 (so you can’t even see them) + transactions are instant. It is truly “peer to peer electronic cash” as stated in Bitcoin’s white paper.


Please add bitcoin as payment

yeah, please add BTC payment gateway.


Or at least have some “gift cards”, that would make crypto possible by third-parties

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