Any Plans To Accept Bitcoins As A Payment Method?

October 14, 2014 22.8k views

Are There Any Plans To Accept Bitcoin As A Payment Method?

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We have thought about adding BitCoin as a support payment method.

If we do launch it would be something that is available to verified customers.

  • As a verified customer, I am very, very, very, very, very, very interested in this addition.

  • @moisey If I were you guys I would implement BitPay (what Microsoft uses) which allows you to auto convert to USD on payment (or hold some/all in BTC if that is wanted). That means you have no risk.

  • Go ahead, I'm also interested in that option. Good to see you guys jumping into the bitcoin revolution.

  • Coming soon?

ChunkHost.com accepts bitcoin.

I very much enjoy Digital Ocean, however, I also use ChunkHost because some of my clients pay me in bitcoin and one of them actually wants me to use only services that accept bitcoin where possible all throughout the project we're working on.

Hi, I would like to pay also with Bitcoins.


Very interested please add.

How do I know if my account is "verified"?

So... @moisey , is any good news for Bitcoin community or intentions at least?
Asking as verified customer, no scam.

I am interested in paying with bitcoin too.

I would like to see this too.

Accepting bitcoin could bring you alot more customers.

Please accept bitcoin. I love your services but actively buy most of my VPS's elsewhere for ethical reasons because you don't accept bitcoin. Many hosts and VPS providers now accept bitcoin ... including ramnode.

I am a customer for over a year, and the company I work for is also, I even pointed out to DigitalOcean after meeting the service.Really I want to pay with bitcoin, as I will not have to leave this service we like?

Just saying, I could pay my bill alot quicker if I was able to pay in bitcoin...

Would love to be able to pay my bill in bitcoin!

Please support Bitcoin as a Payment method.

Please add Bitcoin as payment option

Really eager to see Bitcoin payments supported.

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